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views may have rowid?
Your question presumes a fact not in evidence.  You mention (vaguely) a view which, for some reason unknown to anybody but you and possibly DRH, provided some basis to believe that one particular view had a rowid. That observation, (whatever it was), does not mean that "views have rowid".

A view might or might not have a column which is named "rowid". If the view's underlying query, whose results the view contains, happens to name one of its columns "rowid", (explicitly or via default naming), then you may see that. You might further conclude, incorrectly, that the view has a "rowid" in the same sense that tables often have a rowid as discussed here and in SQLite documentation. What you would be overlooking by so concluding is that the "rowid" in a SQLite technical discussion is used as a key in a b-tree used for table row storage. A view involves no storage at all, hence it cannot have a rowid in that technical sense. That 5-letter word, by itself, does not mean that an integer b-tree key is involved.

(v.1 Brain fart fixed, s/columns "view"/columns "rowid"/ .)