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Can a SQLite DB be accessed by another Computer?
SQLitening can run as client/server and it is free.
It is written in PowerBASIC and includes all source code.
I have used it for over 10-years and it works great.
slConnect "192.168.02",51000  'connect to an IP on setup port.
slOpen "sample.db3" 'open database
slselAry "select * from parts",sArray() '1 recordset to array 
slSel    "select * from parts"  '2 recordset can be read in a loop
s = slSelStr("select * from parts" '3 recordset to delimited string

Recordsets can also be created in 1 or 2-dimensional arrays.
slSelAry sql,sArray(),"Q9" 'create recordset 1-dimension columns separated ascii 9
slSelAry sql,sArray()    'array is 2-dimensional perfect for filling grids, etc ..

I searched for SQLitening on this forum and unfortunately this is it.
It is a very mature option and thread safe.
The source code is free and comes with the download.
Everything is written and compiled in 32-bit PowerBASIC.