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Feature request: add an optional transaction size in mode insert
There are plenty of useful tools that use SQLite as a DB engine and are feature-rich for helping with the sort of task that motivates your suggestion. However, the SQLite shell itself adheres closer to what is known as "[The Unix Philosophy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy)." As a rule [a], it does what can only be done there and leaves composition into more complex tasks to users. As the linked article says, "The Unix philosophy favors composability as opposed to monolithic design."

[a. There are slight departures from this rule, but they involve boundary cases and testing of SQLite itself. ]

Shell scripting (or Python/Perl/TCL/Whatever) scripting with the sqlite3 shell (or library) used as the database access component is very quick and easy. When I find myself typing too much at the shell, my reaction is to capture that logic in some kind of script, usually one (or more) having ongoing utility but sometimes just a quick-and-dirty one-off, in the temp directory.

Given the dedicated focus of the small SQLite development team, I would be surprised to see their shell become bloated with a ever-growing set of enhancements that can be readily achieved via composition, by others.

In regard to "facilitating the creation of transactions", the shell does that very well already. What you seek is a way of specifying when and how that is to be done, with minimal typing on your part, at the cost of making the shell harder to understand as a tool.