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Native math function support for SQLite
Hello SQLite developers,

(This is a feature request) 

I know that there is this "extension-functions.c" contribution available in the ["Contributed files" page](https://www.sqlite.org/contrib), but I think, nevertheless, that usual math functions (sqrt, exp, sin, cos, ..., PI constant, degree to radian conversion, ...) should be natively supported by SQLite.

I wanted to use SQLite this day to calculate some distance between GPS positions stored in rows of a big CSV file. 
I finally abandoned this solution because I couldn't do it except by compiling the previously mentioned contribution file (and I won't do that, because I don't want it to be done in a production environment).

For sure, there is many other products to help me to do that, but the lightness and portability of SQLite was great for my use case.
I finally did my computation on a PostgreSQL instance, but I actually hadn't the need of all the features of a big RDBMS server for this.

In my opinion, in this already started data century, processing statistical computation or computation on geographic data will be more and more common. 
People doing this eventually won't have the possibility or the time to instantiate and maintain a database within a big RDBMS server, or to compile an external file.
So maybe I'm not the only one to have the need of these math functions :-) . 

Thank you for the attention you paid on this message, and thank you more if you decide to implement this feature one day ;-) .

Best regards,