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Pre-release Versions of System.Data.SQLite packages?
[On user-defined function addition]

> I was puzzled for I have not seen any reference to this being possible in the CLI.

The BindFunction() function in System.Data.SQLite relies on the same SQLite library feature as is used by the CLI .load meta-command, where the function set usable via SQL is extended, as is documented at [Application-Defined SQL Functions](https://sqlite.org/appfunc.html).

If you had read the [command-line shell doc](https://sqlite.org/cli.html), you would have found section 13 and avoided that particular puzzlement.

The documentation for SQLite is quite excellent. I suggest that, instead of using Google and sifting through much irrelevant stuff, you use the [Permutated Title Index](https://sqlite.org/sitemap.html#pindex).  You would learn a lot about the existence of capability just looking at those index entries.

FWIW, I second Ryan's sentiment that you would do better by studying the docs than by bringing every little question (already answered there) to this forum.