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Start rowid from 0
I am using SQLite as a log format. Some tables have an `INTEGER PRIMARY KEY` field that should start from 0. SQLite can *almost* do this automatically, by inserting `NULL` for that column, but unfortunately [it starts from 1](https://sqlite.org/autoinc.html) so you have to explicitly insert a value. This is a bit more tedious since it involves me tracking extra state.

I could not find any way to make it start from 0 instead. I found some references to `sqlite_sequence` but it appears that that only applies to `AUTOINCREMENT` fields and my field is not `AUTOINCREMENT` so `sqlite_sequence` is never created.

Someone on StackOverflow [asked for the same thing](https://stackoverflow.com/q/35043256/265521) but there were no helpful answers.

Is it possible to achieve this, and if not could you add a feature to do it?