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I intend no offense with this, so please take it in the spirit given.

What you are requesting is help with general OS or other platform [a] API usage. That is off-topic here, and I am unwilling to degrade the forum with threads that wander far from SQLite related issues. I am sure that most other participants appreciate the present focus of this forum, and I consider it a disfavor to them, whether they participate now or later, to help dilute that focus.

[a. The .Net environment, absent native code linkage, acts as an application platform much as an operating system does. ]

Now, to answer your question insofar as it relates to SQLite:

Once you have loaded a DLL explicitly, you will need to use the GetProcAddress() API (or its equivalent on your chosen platform) to get a function pointer through which you can call whatever code the pointer addresses. This will be a PITA to do for every call into the SQLite library (or the SQLite.NET library), so you may want to arrange to use such a call to get at a function which can provide a structure from the DLL which contains the set of actual library function pointers you will or may use. Then your get-work-done calls can be indirect through those function pointers.

Again, no offense intended, but: Your progress learning to program will be better made by studying APIs, programming language syntax and semantics, and general techniques than by getting others to write or discover sample code for you. As Stephan said, you can find your own sample code if it exists and has been exposed.