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Can't get series.c extension to compile

Can't get series.c extension to compile

(1) By curmudgeon on 2020-05-12 09:57:34 [link] [source]

without adding the line

#define SQLITE_VTAB_INNOCUOUS          2

(2.1) By Richard Hipp (drh) on 2020-05-12 12:07:05 edited from 2.0 in reply to 1 [source]

That #define appears in the "sqlite3.h" header file as of 3.31.0. This suggests that you are not using the latest "sqlite3.h" file. An appropriate -I option on your compiler command-line might help.

Edit: typo fix

(3) By curmudgeon on 2020-05-12 10:39:23 in reply to 2.0 [link] [source]

I'm using 3.31.0 Richard but I see there's been an update I was unaware of since then (3.31.1). I'll download that. Thanks.