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Better download file naming
(Edited for tense.)

A change has just been checked in to the docs repo for the download page which has been pushed to the SQLite website. Consequently, filtering https://sqlite.org/download.html content through this RE:<code>
</code>will yield one match with 2 sub-match groups. Match group #1 (in java parlance) will be the version in conventional, dotted numeric format. Match group #2, when prepended with "https://sqlite.org/", provides the URL for the most recent downloadable binary named "sqlite-dll-win32-x86-3XXYYZZ.zip" where XXYYZZ is the documented, fixed-field filename version substring corresponding to the dotted version.

Because npackd.org's web app is fully capable of dealing with this scheme via appropriate values for its configuration "Discovery regular expression" and "Discovery package download URL pattern" fields, (which can use arbitrarily numbered capture groups to compose that URL), I consider the OP's problem to be solved, whether or not he benefits from this change.

The HTML comment containing a CSV table which enables this solution is documented on the download page, near where file naming is documented.