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Best way to keep song lyrics in SQLite
If you're just making a database for a few thousand songs, that will do fine.  You would want to find songs which have words which include a substring, and the simplest way to do that in SQLite is to use LIKE as shown here


If you're going to be searching hundreds of thousands of songs, it would be faster using SQLite's FTS5.  But it's extra work and then you wouldn't be asking us how to do it.

A couple of notes:

A) Song titles aren't unique.  Four different songs called "The Power of Love" have been hits.  Often two versions were written in the same year, so you can't use year as a disambiguator.

B) Many songs have different versions with different lyrics.  Often because the album version has an extra verse, or includes a swearword which would prevent airplay.  You're going to have to figure out what to do about this.