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Support of unicode operators like ≠?
One of the reasons I have for trying to understand Unicode is my collection of music and books. Many artists and authors have non-ASCII characters in their names or titles of their work. The reason Unicode exists is because we no longer live in a mono-language / mono-character set world. As a Perl programmer, I have torn more hair out than I've lost naturally. There are several layers at work in a digital environment and they all have to talk to each other correctly if Unicode is going to work. 

<li>the OS</li>
<li>the programming language</li>
<li>the editor / authoring tool used to write the code</li>
<li>the database engine</li>
<li>the browser or agent used to view a page</li>

There may be more but it's almost like quantum physics - if you think you understand it you're wrong.

In my work I've given up trying to get all the parts working together and gone straight back to ASCII. A search form on my sites contains a drop-down list of authors, artists and titles because a user-supplied search for any non-ASCII characters would not work. 

But at some point I will figure it all out. When that happens I'll tackle quantum physics.