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SQLite 3.34 binary not working on Ubuntu 20.04 (not found)
>  there should be a very clear hint ...

For future reference: In the archive filename, "sqlite-tools-linux-x86-3340000.zip", the '-x86-' means it is for 32-bit Intel CPUs such as i486, i586, (or i386 if you have one.)

Of course, that may be too subtle a hint for some, although this naming convention has been widely adopted.

>  if there were two versions - 32 and 64 bit - that would be ideal.

It would be more convenient for some. And I would agree that, these days, a 64-bit image (aka '...amd64...') would be more useful than the 32-bit one. But I have always seen provision of prebuilt executables as a convenience rather than cause to be making a bunch of "should" pronouncements regarding the gajillion architectures for which no prebuilt images are provided.