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The NUMERIC data type?
Thank you for your response Keith,

In most part I understood all of that from reading the doco's.

I asked the question because I was unsure as to a proper approach to dealing with how MY COMPONENT handles a data type like FESTERING GIRAFFE POOP, your answer led me to an apparent solution (not yet tested) that allows for a property added to my custom edit controls that explicitly declares the bind type, i.e. Bind asDouble or Bind asText.

This approach would allow conversion in and out of, say, a text box on a form that shows a float value, in this case, the value would be converted to a float, formatted '####0.000" as a float string and the BiDi of the text box would be set right to left for incoming REAL/INTEGER values.

SQLite3 automatically converting data types to it's types is of no real concern, it's more to do with how MY COMPONENT's treat incoming and outgoing column values when generating the sql statements for insert's and update's.

Prior to my question, the component that generates the sql correctly constructed the statement including each parameter markers for each column prior to prepare and final binding based on data type.

Hope this makes sense?