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Forum Critique
Look at the top of any page such as you see this post in. Direct your focus to the 3rd header line from the page top (below "SQLite Forum ..." and "Threads ...".) There you will see button, 2nd from left which reads "Unformatted" (or "Hierarchical" if you already clicked it.)  If it reads "Unformatted", and you want to see the raw input, such as you would type into a reply, which was interpreted as forum markup, (that "whole new language"), click the button.

Voila, there is a plethora of examples!

Here is an example, sent (linked) for your convenience: [This page, raw](https://sqlite.org/forum/forumpost/365163a320?t=r)

And, if you cannot find a sample of the effect you want, consult ["Mark-down" rules](https://fossil-scm.org/home/md_rules).