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Performance issues with query parameters vs. static strings
>miserable on a smartphone. Factor that out 

Sorry but no. Everyone has moved to smartphones and its a general expectation now that things will preferably be done on smartphones and to the extent possible things are designed and optimized for smartphones first. 
Sqlite forum experience has clearly regressed as far as composing replies on *today's devices* is concerned - especially when the same was *easier* with *older* system of mailing list. I am otherwise OK with forum. Just FYI - I have been with SQLite since 04.

> You've posted four messages to this forum over its 100 day history,

Can you imagine why? And can you imagine how many others might also be finding the experience disappointing and, unlike me, giving up on it *silently*

> Given all of that, the solution, while awkward...

Why give awkward solutions to straightforward problems? Doesn't it just reinforce my assertion that composing replies has become a headache.