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Please humor me by answering: What are the constraints on the RE and what is this "template" and its function?

Here is a head start on the answer. Please correct and amend as needed.

1. A single regular expression, applied to a known web page content read via HTTP GET, must yield two data items within its capture groups.

2. One data item is the product version number, which must be the entirety of the 1st capturing matching group.

3. The other data item is a URL, which must be the entirety of another capture group, which must be the Nth matching capturing group where N is known and greater than 1.

4. The regular expression must be one understood by java.util.regex.* and it may use non-capturing groups to facilitate meeting other constraints here.

5. The template provides these inputs to the page read and processing:

6. the known web page URL;

7. the regular expression;

8. and which capture group will contain the product URL.

9. A successful match must provide a valid product URL and version, and if such are not both available at the known web page, the RE must not match.

10. One template exists for each product, where "product" is a regularly published archive or binary, updated upon successive releases.

Pretend that I am able to help you if I correctly understand the constraints, but will not be able or willing to simply change the product URLs.