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Sqlite3 is multi-core multi-OS system
> applications running on both cores need to access database.

Whether that works well (or even at all!) depends on the concurrency modes you choose and the filesystem you use.

For instance, the [WAL mode][1] has different concurrency behavior than the [legacy locking behavior][2]. Also involved are [thread-safe build-time options and application runtime choices][3].

Then there's the question of whether your RTOS can even link to and call the SQLite library in a way that allows it to interoperate with all of the above. For instance, if you store your data on a FAT32 SD card you [probably have no file locking at all][4], and even if you do have a Linux-side method of adding file locking to FAT32, your RTOS's FAT driver might ignore this mechanism entirely, blindly assuming that all files on the SD card belong unconditionally to the RTOS.

[1]: https://sqlite.org/wal.html
[2]: https://sqlite.org/lockingv3.html
[3]: https://sqlite.org/threadsafe.html
[4]: https://www.sqlite.org/faq.html#q5