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Database on android SD CARD
thank you so much for this excellent reply!

Some specifics of my project: 
I'm not using andriod studio. I'm working with Macrodroid and shell command. 

So, instead of the andriod binaries, I downloaded Precompiled Binaries for Linux and was able to move the sqlite file to my sdcard

I then called it in my shell like: 

/storage/2EA5-2D26/Xenno/sqlite /storage/2EA5-2D26/Xenno/zztest.db

the result I got was:

/system/bin/sh: <stdin>[25] /storage/.../sqlite3 can't execute: Permission denied

I then used the LS command and the sqlite3 file is set to rwxrwx--- 

I tried using chmod o=rwx /storage/2EA5-2D26/Xenno/sqlite but I get no result

I've spent so many hours on this. Any help is much appreciated. If only I could make sqlqueries!? it'd be a whole other world!