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> How do I edit a Sqlite file that is being used by an interactive database?

So many unknowns in that line. Let's start with:

1. Are you familiar with editing SQLite database files in general?
2. Assuming you are, have you tried and failed?
3. If so, 
  * which failures happened?
  * on which OS?
  * And with which software?
4. If you didn't try, would you like us to suggest editors or a CLI to use?
5. If it didn't fail but you're simply being careful, good, tell us more though.
6. There is no "interactive database" that can use an sqlite file other than SQLite itself, which is an Engine, not an interactive database, so I'm assuming you mean some other software is using the file?
7. If you do know how to edit it, and have tried, maybe try in [ReadOnly](https://sqlite.org/c3ref/c_open_autoproxy.html) mode and let us know what happens?

Lastly, kindly read [this](https://discuss.codecademy.com/t/how-to-ask-good-questions-and-get-good-answers/77980) which will help us greatly with helping you.

[Edit: Added links]