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Execute changes in Photoshop Elements
Thank you for your reply.

I actually caused the problem. Photoshop provides a means to transfer data from one drive to another. But I was doing a major upgrade to my whole system and took the drive that held Photoshop data out of my system. I then used a backup of the data to get it into the new drive but forgot that the database references the old drive.

So I cannot now use the method that Photoshop provides to correct the database. But I can see what is required. I just do not have the SQL skills to do so.

I just need to find in the media_table volume_id value 173 and change to value 1774182. 

BTW not all Photoshop applications are that pricey. I use Photoshop Elements, which I bought several years ago and it more than meets my requirements; I just need to keep in mind that I have to follow its rules.