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download and install - complete newbie
Taking the "complete newbie"'s self-characterization at face value, I add to Simon's advice:

Put the executable image, (which will be named 'sqlite3.exe' for the Windows platform and 'sqlite3' for other platforms), into one of the directories named by the PATH environment variable given to your command-line shell. On Windows, that would likely be cmd.exe, where entering "echo %PATH%" (sans quotes) will show a list of directories. On Unixen platforms, entering "echo $PATH" (sans quotes) in the CLI shell (likely sh or bash) will show a list of directories.

After placing the executable, on Unixen you will want to make it executable, with something like "chmod +x /whatever/the/directory/is/sqlite3" (from the system CLI shell, sans quotes).

After that, you can invoke the SQLite shell by entering "sqlite3". At that point, consult [Command Line Shell for SQLite](https://sqlite.org/cli.html), or enter ".help -all" at the shell prompt, to see how to make the shell do your bidding.