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sqlite 3.35 stalls tracker-miner-fs-3
Thanks for the report.  The "queries.txt" repo case was especially helpful.

This problem appears to arise when the new UNION ALL optimization is
applied repeatedly, causing the size of the parse tree to mushroom.
[Check-in 9520bed2bd87dc56](src:/info/9520bed2bd87dc56) disables
that optimization if the number
of subqueries within the statement grows too large.  This is a small
change that is appropriate for a patch release.  

We will be looking
closely at this kind of problem (optimizations causing unchecked
parse tree growth) during the next release cycle and possibly introducing
new and better prevention strategies.
If nothing else, we will do something about the new magic number "500"
that was inserted by [the patch](src:/info/9520bed2bd87dc56).