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install sqlite on windows10
Hello Tom, thank you to help finding that version of exe.

I confirm that this file is identical with my own copy. 

Another file mkFrxEngine.dll, when provided, enables the executable to use the Report Generator from sub-menu item New Report or Open Report.

I just realized that I never tried yet the sub-menu item Import Using Regular Expression 8-(

What I like especially and did not find in another tool, is the capability to drag and drop a column to create a grouped view very simply and without having to run another sql statement. Each group header line supports folding in the view. - What I dislike is that every cell is treated as text, which disturbs re-sorting by clicking on a column header; it will not sort numerical.

Another extra is the use of text snippets. And if one **snippet** has the special name **autoexec** then this one gets executed the next time(s) when the sqlite3Explorer.exe is starting. (**Save Options to current database** before exiting to make sure your last changes get stored into the database and will persist.)

D:\UTL>fossil.exe md5sum sqlite3Explorer.exe mkFrxEngine.dll sqlite3.dll
8b7c7e238d5ba258ab051d988f7ac846  sqlite3Explorer.exe
728900e806a28ee0c79587fe392bf986  mkFrxEngine.dll
cda3a46df2d3e1f0aa18a630eaed65ef  sqlite3.dll