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You don't know what people are using your database for
Please indulge me in another post which is only tangentially connected with SQLite.  But I found this incident surprising and not a bit alarming.  If I get complaints (none so far) I'll stop.


> Service from Birmingham to Majorca took off with less thrust because pilot thought it was 1,200kg lighter [...]

> An update to the airline’s reservation system while its planes were grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic led to 38 passengers on the flight being allocated a child’s “standard weight” of 35kg as opposed to the adult figure of 69kg. [...]

> Investigators described the glitch as “a simple flaw” in an IT system. It was programmed in an unnamed foreign country where the title “Miss” is used for a child and “Ms” for an adult female.

So there you are, writing your database which takes passenger names.  You include a title field.  Nobody cares about that, right ?  I mean, if my first name is Mark it doesn't matter if the contents are wrong.  No need to sanity-check against gender or name fields.

Next time I'm writing a database for a customer, should I ask for all the purposes each field is used for ?