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Build Error: sqlite3.c(206932): error C2061: syntax error: identifier 'sqlite3_session'
> Sounds good. As an aside, I used the "config.h" for this because (a) you do not run autoconfig on Windows and (b) it is a convenient place to put all the options which would otherwise make the command line very long (plus you can annotate it since it is a source file that can contain comments).

You describe most of the reasoning behind this change. To me, the annotation option is close to compelling.

> For example, my current "config.h" that I include looks like this: [big snip]

You have published this or its predecessor here before. I have used a successor of it for quite awhile. For Windows builds, I use CL.exe's -FI... option to jam that header into the very start of the translation. For other compilers, I have used a "fake" sqlite3.c which reads:<code>
  #include "local_config.h"
  #include "dist/sqlite3.c"
</code>. So I had little trouble seeing that direct support for this action would likely satisfy your need/desire.

I have sometimes thought that such an annotated options header, maintained to reflect **all** of the compilation options, ought to be in the source tree for the benefit of busy programmers who begrudge the time needed to read the docs.