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Fail to calculate long expression
And here is the output of fossil compiled with my sqlite changes and SQLITE_PEDANTIC when executing "stash save".

Ideally we should not rely on "implicit casts" (Affinity applied ...).

Noticed the line showing that fossil is relying on an "implicit casting".

Also I'm not sure why I've got the message about transactions "never commits".

fossil stash save mywork

# Enter a description of what is being stashed.  Lines beginning
# with "#" are ignored.  Stash comments are plain text except
# newlines are not preserved.
# Since no default text editor is set using EDITOR or VISUAL
# environment variables or the "fossil set editor" command,
# and because no comment was specified using the "-m" or "-M"
# command-line options, you will need to enter the comment below.
# Type "." on a line by itself when you are done:
testing my changes.
Affinity applied on make record 4 : 2 : C
Transaction started at ./src/stash.c:573 never commits