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Compile error when symbols SQLITE_OMIT_SHARED_CACHE and SQLITE_USER_AUTHENTICATION=1 are both defined
If the preprocessor symbol `SQLITE_OMIT_SHARED_CACHE` is defined, the member `nTableLock` is **not** defined in the structure `Parse`.

If the preprocessor symbol `SQLITE_USER_AUTHENTICATION=1` is also defined, the compiler emits an error message for the line

    if( pParse->nTableLock>0 && db->init.busy==0 ){
in function `sqlite3FinishCoding` (line 112602 in the SQLite amalgamation for version 3.36.0), because the undefined member `nTableLock` is referenced in this statement.

It would be nice if this issue could be fixed for the next SQLite version.

Thanks in advance.