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a css to improve readability of this forum
> The proposed css is targetted at use on a cellphone. The text is too large for a desktop and leaves the right half of a wide screen empty.

Please see my reply to Richard's post. First, make sure you use my mods on top of the existing website, not in place of the existing website's original css.

Two, yes you are correct, the css is mobile-first, but it reduces the body width to 50% on large screens there by improving readability (I did say imo). Wide columns from left to right make for a poor reading experience. On my Macbook at 1400px, a 50% wide column of text is a very pleasant reading experience.

That said, you are also probably correct that more judicious media queries could be used. I hacked this in about 10 mins without using any library. I've put my mods as a gist so please do fork it and make it better. I would be very happy to use a better version (without making it onerous – that is, using big external libraries).

Many thanks.