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SQLite - CMD prompt - How to exit Statement/Expression after messing up?
The OP has an open bracket.  Close the bracket, then close the statement.  Same applies if you are inside a quoted thingamajigamy.  First you must close the quote (using the same quote mark you used to open it) then close the statement (with either a ; or the word GO on a line by its lonesome.

Note that you may have several levels of "open" things -- multiple open-brackets and multiple quote-marks of various different types.  You must close the things you opened, in the reverse order in which you opened them, using the appropriate closing symbol for the thing that you opened, until you are at a place where you can indicate "end-of-line" or "go forth and execute" -- the former with a semi-colon and the later with the word GO (GEE OH) on a line by itself.

Note that signalling an interrupt (Ctrl-C / Break / Ctrl-Break / SysReq / SysInt / SigInt) depending on the OS is use, will probably not have the result intended -- if the intended result is to return to the application command prompt and abort the input -- it will likely abort the whole process instead and return you to the supervisor (or operating system or hooey-gooey or whatever you used to start the SQLite3 process in the first place).