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Does table have rowid?
Thanks for that.  After some early hiccups arising from pulling a slightly incoherent trunk tip file set, that built without a hitch and appears to work as well as your previous "Catalog" does (or better.)

I am tempted to create the views in an in-memory database known as 'information_schema', not because that is (or is becoming) conventional but because it segregates the view names from application table/view names. If there was a "DETACH IF ATTACHED Whatever_Schema" feature in SQLite, I would suggest that. It would be doable if there was a way to say "ATTACH ':memory:' as information_schema" only if <code>
   SELECT COUNT(name) as ise FROM pragma_database_list
   WHERE name = 'information_schema'
</code>returns 0. Is there a clean way to do that?

(Appended by edit:)

If those views are not in the temp schema, but in information_schema, this happens:<code>
  sqlite> select * from information_schema.SysTables;
  Error: unsafe use of virtual table "pragma_table_list"