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SIGBUS in sqlite
Hi all. We're currently on SQLite 3.28, and we've been noticing rare SIGBUS errors blaming within SQLite code. The stack trace tends to look like this:


In our case, we manipulate the same db, which located in android external storage, whithin multiple processes. And the external storage has plenty of free space left.
After I read the source code, I think it maybe a concurrent problem.
the case I guess is below:
processs A mmap 32kb memory to *-shm file. process B close the db, leads to all advisory locks within db file are released. process C open db and truncate *-shm file because all locks are released.
Meanwhile, process A access memmory which correspond to *-shm file. process A Crash.

In our case, process run normally before access 4096-th byte and crash when access 4096-th byte. So the first page(4k) in mmap is valid. And sqlite would truncate *-shm file to 3 bytes. This make us skeptical.

Could the method using sqlite be correct that multiple process manipulate the same db, such as process A, B open db, process B close, process C open...?
Could potentially the case above we guess occur ?
Could this potentially be a bug in SQLite that we can help triage?

Thank you!