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Hide rows in table1 if same value found in table2 ?
Gunter is right, this doesn't seem to be an SQLite problem.

However, DB4S is simply a DB admin tool, like a myriad others, and a very good one at that. It's function is to display the contents of a DB, edit it and to let you write queries. It isn't really a display tool to let you customize views (that I know of).

Having said that, if you create a VIEW in SQL with what you want to display, and then select that view (much like any other table), it will show what you require.

Off the top of my head, this should create the sort of view you would like:

CREATE VIEW table1_view AS
  FROM table1
 WHERE table1.HEX NOT IN (SELECT table2.HEX FROM table2)

Once you run that SQL successfully, a new object should appear where your list of tables are with that name (table1_view), selecting it will show only the lines that do not have corresponding entries in table2.

I did not test that since I don't have your tables, but it should work in principle.

PS: If ever you want to remove that new view object from your DB again, you can run this SQL:

DROP VIEW table1_view;