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Writer Concurrency - server-process-edition

if I'm not mistaken, SQLite allows only one writer at a time, regardless of the journal mode.  I'd like to use SQLite for an application server, so concurrent writing would be a significant performance factor. At least I think so, and this might be my fallacy.

There is/was a branch called [server-process-edition](https://sqlite.org/src/file?name=README-server-edition.html&ci=server-process-edition), which tackled this issue by doing page-level locking (instead of file-level) and using multiple journal files, one per concurrent write. While this looks promising, not much has happened since then.

I've tried to compile this server-process-edition branch, but it doesn't out-of-the-box. After some tinkering it did compile, but I failed to run the benchmark so far.

Is there any chance for this to be revived? Has development taken a different route, so that concurrency would better be increased by different methods?

W. Oertl