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In order to keep SQLite in the [public domain][1], we are unable to accept

[1]: https://sqlite.org/copyright.html

If you want to send proof-of-concept changes (which, if accepted, will be
reimplemented in a different way by the developers) you can do so by
copy/pasting your suggestion in-line.  If you are using [Markdown][2] formatting
(the default for this forum) you can put your code in between
balanced `~~~~~` marks.  For example:

[2]:  /md_rules

   Your Markdown-formatted text goes here.  Then you put your patch:

   --- src/resolve.c
   +++ src/resolve.c
   @@ -421,11 +421,12 @@
                 if( IN_RENAME_OBJECT ){
                   pExpr->iColumn = iCol;
                   pExpr->y.pTab = pTab;
                   eNewExprOp = TK_COLUMN;
    -              pExpr->iTable = pNC->uNC.pUpsert->regData + iCol;
    +              pExpr->iTable = pNC->uNC.pUpsert->regData +
    +                 sqlite3TableColumnToStorage(pTab, iCol);
                   eNewExprOp = TK_REGISTER;
                   ExprSetProperty(pExpr, EP_Alias);