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SQLite3.exe fails to handle huge multi-line-comment
Well, actually, no, I have not enjoyed using the wrong comment indicators for any purpose because I do not do so.

The purpose of the /* this is an inline comment */ is to insert comments in-line.

The purpose of the -- the remainder of the line is useless to the computer and should be ignored.

So for example, if I want to comment AN ENTIRE LINE OR THE REMAINDER OF AN ENTIRE LINE, then I use the comment indicator designed for that use, namely "`-- `".  If I wish to comment out something in-line then I use the inline comment designators "`\* comment *\`".

The only placed that mixed use of comment indicators does not matter is when a pre-processor removes all the "crud and crappola" before passing the input to the processor (as in with a C compiler, for example).  Otherwise, discarding of "crud and crappola" takes a long time.  Choosing the correct comment introducer "this is a comment IN LINE with a valid command that should be processed" vs "the remainder of the line can be discarded because it is meaningless".  Making the wrong choice should have the same deleterious effect on the chooser as any other ill-conceived choice made.