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How is a table with only primary key stored on disk?
> Therefore the application of rudimentary grade school arithmetic will allow you to compute the maximum number of keys K that can be stored in the available space.

So K is not a fixed number? It is not clear from the manual as the manual does not define what "K" is. This looks like a problem that should be fixed in the manual. What if a string to save is too large for a page? Then K is less than 1? What does K<1 means?

> create table t
> (
>  c0, c1, c2, c3 ...
>  primary key ( key_column_list ),
>  unique ( key_column_list )
> );
> create index i on t ( key_column_list );

Are the "keys" mentioned in the manual the same as the "keys" in SQL code? The word "keys" mean differently in different context.

In the above example code, what should be stored in a page? And what are the binary layout in a page?