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Proposal: Add the SUBSTRING alias to the SUBSTR function
This is the current syntax of the `SUBSTR[ING]` function in ANSI standard and in different RDBMS:
      ANSI standard:      SUBSTRING(s FROM start [FOR length])
      PostgreSQL & MySQL: SUBSTR[ING](s, start [,length])
      Oracle & SQLite:    SUBSTR     (s, start [,length])
      SQL Server:         SUBSTRING  (s, start  ,length )

To unify the syntax, I propose to add the `SUBSTRING` alias to the `SUBSTR` function. If Oracle does the same, we will be able to use the `SUBSTRING(s, start, length)` syntax in all above-mentioned RDBMS.

Changes proposed by me in other RDBMS: [https://github.com/iwis/SQL-notes/blob/master/Functions_proposed_changes.md](https://github.com/iwis/SQL-notes/blob/master/Functions_proposed_changes.md)