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Calculating Trip Duration in Minutes?
> This is incorrect... EXACTLY...

Yes, I am well aware of that. It was an ill-formed joke, I have a habit of referring to absolutes by using ironic language such as "average" or "standard" or "government issue".

I was going to continue tongue-in-cheek about how there are many types of days and UT1 vs. UTC and all the astronomy days, but that would be disingenuous as that is not what I intended, my meaning was strictly to time as understood by the Julianday calculation, which is absolute in dayspan.

I realised after your reply that not only was my intent not obvious, it might well be misleading to someone else reading this, and for that reason I apologize and will watch my mouth on this in most of the multiple possible futures.

Do not fear though, I am rather decisively on your side of that fence.  ;)