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FileIO extension
I have been using SQLite3 (3.12.1) on my Mac for a while using only basic database functions. I now want to use the writefile command to write blob data directly to a file. From my research, I understand that I need to use the FileIO.c extension.  The DB Browser only accepts .dylib, .so and .dll files. I have tried using terminal to no avail. Can someone please advise:

1. How to load the extension through DB Browser or provide me with the exact code for loading through terminal;

2. Whether the extension will still be recognised if I copy the database to my PC or to another Mac, or whether I will need to set the extension up each time.

This is the first time that I have ever asked a question in a forum, so I apologise if I have the wrong forum or if the question is too basic. I am not technically trained, so I would appreciate it if any response could be written in as simple a way as possible.