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Get SQLite via `winget` on Windows
Microsoft is finally releasing an [official CLI package manager](winget), at last.

Would be nice to easily get the SQLite CLI tools using it.  

From the little I read, the integration looks doable. FWIW.

There are other ecosystems too, of course, like [Chocolatey](choco) and others,  
but with `winget` being bundled by default with Windows soon, and pushed by  
Microsoft itself, would seem natural to support it. My $0.02.

[winget]: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/package-manager/
[choco]: https://chocolatey.org/

There does not appear to exist a package for SQLite yet:

C:\Users\ddevienne> winget search sqlite
Name                        Id                                    Version       Match
Kangaroo                    Taozuhong.Kangaroo           Tag: sqlite
TablePlus                   TablePlus.TablePlus                   4.2.8         Tag: SQLite
DataGrip (EAP)              JetBrains.DataGrip.EarlyAccess        212.4746.58   Tag: sqlite
DataGrip                    JetBrains.DataGrip                    212.4746.86   Tag: sqlite
DBeaver                     dbeaver.dbeaver                       21.1.5        Tag: SQLite
DB Browser for SQLite       DBBrowserForSQLite.DBBrowserForSQLite 3.12.2        Tag: sqlite
Beekeeper Studio            beekeeper-studio.beekeeper-studio     1.13.2        Tag: sqlite
PremiumSoft Navicat Premium PremiumSoft.NavicatPremium            15.0.26       Tag: sqlite

While one can get PostgreSQL on Windows that way it seems:

C:\Users\ddevienne> winget search postgresql
Name                        Id                         Version       Match
PostgreSQL                  PostgreSQL.PostgreSQL      13
DBeaver                     dbeaver.dbeaver            21.1.5        Tag: PostgreSQL
pgAdmin                     PostgreSQL.pgAdmin         5.6