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3.25 math functions vs. extension-functions.c
Well, _`ln`_ and _`log_e`_ are equivalent notations in mathematics for the natural logarithm. And in math textbooks you frequently find _`lg`_ as an equivalent for _`log_10`_ resp _`ld`_ as an equivalent for _`log_2`_. Personally, I'm fine with all these notations.

I recommended to use `LN`, `LOG10` and `LOG2`, because those are the names chosen in the _SQLite Math Extension_ for the variants of the logarithmic function, and because those names are the most common in other database systems, too. Actually, I haven't come across any database system implementing `LOGE` for the natural logarithm up to now. However, it would be a one-liner to add `LOGE` to the _SQLite Math Extension_.