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missing sqlite.interop.dll
I’m updating a .net 4.8 app to .net 6 to try to get it to work on win-arm664
I’ve got it updated to .net 6 everything works good on x86 and x64
but when I compile for win.arm64

"dotnet publish -r win10-arm64 -c Release --self-contained false -p:PublishedTrimmed=false"

and install on arm it gives an Event Viewer error of the unable to load dll 'sqlite.interop.dll'
now in the past with that issue. it just wasn’t moving the dll to build dir. so you move it yourself. but in this case of arm. I’m not sure which one to bring. cause its preview build of .net 6 if you add the dll. you get the error system.BadImageFormatException which by my understanding is it’s not the right framework for it to work. Sorry if this is a dumb question/issue. But iv looked up other fixes and none seem to do the trick.