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LSM1 partial read/write of values

LSM1 partial read/write of values

(1) By ddevienne on 2020-05-13 16:42:50

Hi Dan,

As a follow-up to this [pre-forum-ML-thread](1), it seems from the API  
that only full values can be fetched from LSM. Any chance partial read  
similar to the [Blob-IO API](2) of SQLite, would be available?

If it was available, would LSM need to *chase overflow pages* like  
SQLite does? I.e. does the way LSM physically store values allow it  
to directly *jump over* to the right page to start reading a far-offset  
of a large (multi-MB) value?

I don't even know whether LSM is *paged* or not I realize.  
Is there doc equivalent to [SQLite's file-format](3) for LSM.

Thanks, --DD

[1]: http://sqlite.1065341.n5.nabble.com/Status-of-LSM1-extension-td111248.html#a111250
[2]: https://www.sqlite.org/c3ref/blob_open.html
[3]: https://www.sqlite.org/fileformat.html