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Can of worms - Easiest way to build a UI for Sqlite?
I'm sure there will be as many different answers as responses but here goes. I got spoiled by MS Access. You create a new file, you build a table then design a form and a report and POOF! You're done. For a multitude of reasons, I don't want to return to MS Access.

I'm want to learn SQLite. I've learned to create my file, I've learned to create my table (a few of them actually). Now I'm stuck, thus my question:

What's the easiest "drag and drop" UI desiger so I can interact with the data? I know, there probably isn't one. But, what's the easiest way? This little "app" is just for me. It's going to run on my laptop (LINUX / Ubuntu / Mint) and not on the web. In fact, I don't want to be connected to the web. Just me on a deserted island with no internet. LOL

I'm not going to have multiple users. Just a "spreadsheet on steroids" that will also help me learn SQLite and whatever UI builder I go with. A few tables, a form for entry and a report to look at the output. The UI builder (IDE???) needs to run on Linux Debian. 

I'm sure I've left off some details. And as far as the can of worms? Well if no good answer comes from this, at least I'll have plenty of bait when I'm stranded on the island. 

Live long and prosper and thanks