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Request: stored functions/procedures
Ha!  I wrote many thousands of lines of PL/SQL code in my career and I might have had a morning like that.  It’s a generally sensible language, based on Ada.  Beloved?  Maybe not, but I liked it better than a lot of the other languages I’ve used.  

I mostly agree with all the other comments in this thread.  However, when using Oracle, I appreciated being able to package procedural code in the DBMS and a chief motivation was security and reliability.  It’s nice to be able to guarantee that all updates to a given object, for example, are done by a particular procedure that also implements certain guarantees.  I developed more than one system where almost all the logic was inside the DBMS.  The only other code was things like shell scripts... which are hard to avoid.  So, in those systems I never had to deal with another language like C or Python.  Fewer moving parts.

And I could implement a new function with a simple create statement.  If I could do that in SQLite, it would make life easier.  But there are a lot of caveats....