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I see how it can work for you, but you appreciate that the "Answer" to the now deficit of context for those of us who do not use GMAIL cannot be (or at least, should not be): "Use better mail-reading software please."

It's also hard to imagine a less impactful "resource-saving" than a few lines of text in a time when viral video spam abound.

Now the entire point of having an online archive becomes moot if I still have to "store" all mails local so that my mail software (assuming I upgraded) can build threads from history.

I think receiving a mail in which the previous few posts (no need for the whole thread) were quoted or simply quoted in part to restore the context, would be a real help without any meaningful resource impact and most assuredly programmatic simplicity. Perhaps even a toggle if one prefers not to receive such.

Currently though, this deficit takes away, at least for me, one of the real benefits the mailing list had.