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Help with a query
Hi, I am ok with the simplest of queries but I am no expert with creating complex one, I am guessing
that the type of query I want is an easy one for those in the know. 

I am after a query that would get the sum(column value) from a table that records intervals based 
on subset (interval) of a number between 1 to 48 

i.e select aDate, sum(column) as v, sum(v / 2) as c 
	where interval between 15 and 22 order by aDate; 

the result I am after is something like 

aDate			 v		 c
2020/01/01  	        234   	        117  
2020/01/02		187		93.5
2020/01/03		340		170

I have tried a couple of things but have only been able to get a single row for one day with the answer I am after

I do not have enough experience to work out what to do to get the result, any help would be appreciated, I will learn from the contributions.

Hope I have given enough info.