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That's absolutely correct.

Naturally, the latest stable version of System.Data.SQLite (or any other based-upon-sqlite system) has to trail the SQLite release by some time and is still at 3.32.1.

Talking from my observations, System.Data.SQLite will typically start incorporating the newest (3.33) SQLite into it's own code and testing, then after some time, once the changes and needed framework adjustments have settled, will be released with the full new 3.33 version. This is usually somewhere between 2 weeks to a month after the SQLite release wave. (Though I'm sure these figures are not limited to those periods).

This is the normal release cycle of everything.

That said, System.Data.SQLite is also Open-source, the source code is also available [here](http://system.data.sqlite.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/downloads.wiki) along with instructions if you do wish to build your own so long which will use 3.33. It of course comes with the normal "not stable release yet" disclaimer, but certainly CAN be done.

Like I said in a previous message - If you wish to use a connector or library (or any proxy that is NOT directly including the SQLite code in your own project), then you are a slave to their latest version. And now I can add, their latest version is typically somewhere close behind the latest SQLite version, since adapting to the newest SQLite version requires a non-Zero time investment.