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warning: function may return address of local variable [-Wreturn-local-addr]
Hi, I have the same warning with the latest SQLite & GCC 10.

> As you observe, the logic of the overall system and especially the assert() on the previous line demonstrate that the value returned cannot be the stack variable.

But assert does nothing when NDEBUG is defined, and this is exactly what SQLite does by default:

** Setting NDEBUG makes the code smaller and faster by disabling the
** assert() statements in the code.  So we want the default action
** to be for NDEBUG to be set and NDEBUG to be undefined only if SQLITE_DEBUG
** is set.  Thus NDEBUG becomes an opt-in rather than an opt-out
** feature.
#if !defined(NDEBUG) && !defined(SQLITE_DEBUG)
# define NDEBUG 1
#if defined(NDEBUG) && defined(SQLITE_DEBUG)
# undef NDEBUG

Is it possible to silence it with something like:

   assert( pNew!=&standin );
+  pNew = NULL;