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Is sqldiff meant to detect "NOT NULL" differences?
Because there is a <u>[doc for sqldiff](https://sqlite.org/sqldiff.html)</u>, and that doc does not mention the below point about content, I think this should be considered a bug.

The first, non-boiler-plate comment in sqldiff.c states:<code>
  ** This is a utility program that computes the differences in content
  ** between two SQLite databases.
</code>, and if that was the utility's documentation, I would not see its limited capability as a bug. (One could argue that differing sqlite_schema table content should show up in the output, but that is normally considered to be the schema rather than content.)

Many other schema differences escape sqldiff's notice; it only insists that like-named tables have matching column names (ignoring case) in the same order to be considered content-comparable.

Whether this will be considered a doc bug or a code bug remains to be seen. I will take this up with other project members and fix one or the other.